Sewing Machine Table Mat


Do you remember my last post I was having some fun with my leftover scrap hexies, well this is it finished! And it turns out it makes a perfect little mat for my sewing machine.

Patchwork TableSewing Machine Table MatDSC_0008

Of course I had to include some polka dots, and I had some spotty binding left over from the Spring quilt. You can see the quilting better on the back, they look like sunrays! :)

Sewing Machine Table MatSewing Machine Table Mat

My little Momiji likes it!

Sewing Machine Table MatBut I think it’s perfect for my sewing machine. What do you think?



Playing with ‘Left-overs’

playing with leftovers

After blogging about my Spring Stitching Club quilt it reminded me that I had some hexies left over that I didn’t use, and as a way to grip onto a little bit of spring sunshine I thought I’d see if I could come up with something for the rest of them. I think it’ll either be a mini quilt or maybe I’ll turn it into a cushion, either way it’s been nice playing with these cute fabrics again!


Spring Stitching Completed

So I know it’s autumn and a liiiitttle bit late but believe it or not I did actually finish this project months ago. The first batch of photos I took I was not happy with and it’s taken until now to redo and edit them, silly really as I was so proud to have finished my second ever quilt I should have shared sooner! I’m not very good at photographing quilts and I’m not sure I have done it justice.

Spring Stitching - Finished 2

Spring Stitching - Front CropSpring Stitching - 2

Spring Stitching - HalfSpring Stitching - Wheel BarrowSpring Stitching - TulipSpring Stitching - LambSpring Stitching - wellington bootsSpring Stitching - UmbrellaSpring Stitching - CloudSpring Stitching - DaffSpring Stitching - CrocusesSpring Stitching - Blue birdSpring Stitching - DucklingSpring Stitching - ChickSpring Stitching - BunnySpring Stitching - Front Spring Stitching - Front and BackSpring Stitching Full Spring Stitching - Finished


Too many photos? They are not the best I know but it gives you a idea of the finished project, I’m just sorry it took so long, being poorly has meant I’ve got a bit behind with things like that. I have another quilt to photograph to show you!

I loved this project so much! And it made me fall back in love with hexies and quilting. As I started a bit late with this stitch along I didn’t have the time to plan my fabrics but it actually all worked out ok. I used some fabrics from my stash but I did find myself making a few purchases to get it just right. The bee fabric wasn’t planned I was at my local fabric shop looking for a fabric to finish it and there it was, it was like it was meant to bee… (sorry!) Of course it had to be polka dot binding, and as it was a spring project it had to be yellow.

If you fancy giving it a go yourself, it is still available to purchase and download here.

Almost there!

It’s all very exciting because my hexie quilt, the one I was supposed to have finished the same time the World Cup finished is almost finished!

The past week I’ve been battling with the hand quilting. Now as you know I love hand sewing but hand quilting is a whole different story… I can officially say that blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this quilt!

hand quilting

Before I started I thought I would be able to make do without a thimble and was using just a standard embroidery needle, but after several attempts I knew I had to rethink my kit. Luckily I remembered I already  had some quilting needles and so out they came, I then went online to find myself some finger protection! It’s safe to say I got through a fair few plasters! I also ordered a hoop but didn’t get on with that so well. I was actually really disappointed about my attempts and how difficult it was, I had had visions of enjoying evenings of peacefully hand quilting the entire quilt, but it ended up being a workout and exhausting! I got to the point where I couldn’t wait to finish.

Now I won’t say I’ll never hand quilt again but I think I will try on something a lot smaller like a pillow or something, the bulkiness of the quilt just made it very difficult. It was hard to get the stitches perfect and that frustrated me so much!! I’ve ended up doing a bit of machine quilting too as I just didn’t trust my hand stitches mainly because they look so tiny on the back side of the quilt.

hand quilting

The thing with being self taught is I have no idea if I’m doing things right or wrong, it’s all trial and error! My mum has a C&G Diploma in Patchwork so she has been a huge part of my learning and is great at giving me little tips and tricks, but I normally only ask her after I’ve been struggling for a bit, so I should really learn to go to her sooner! I also need to learn not to be such a perfectionist when I’m learning something new, I can’t expect to be perfect first time, and when I do see pictures of beautifully hand-quilted items it’s most likely not their first time doing it and they have more than likely been doing it for a few years! I beat myself up so badly if I don’t do something perfect first time, not just in sewing it’s in everything I do.

Finishing touches

Time for the binding! This is slowly becoming my favourite part of quilt making, and now I’m so close to the finish line I’ll actually be sad to not have it to work on anymore, but it’ll be great to see it finally finished!

I can’t wait to share the finished quilt with you all.


Stitchy progress!

I’ve finally finished my hexie quilt top! I have to admit there was a point when I thought it would never be finished, especially when I had to un-pick an entire row! But now I can say it’s done! Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed stitching this but there does come a time when you are near the end of a long project that you desperately want to cross the finish line!

hexie quiltHere is a little sneaky peek, sorry for the bad photo this was taken impromptu on my phone. I will of course have proper pictures of the completed project. I’ve decided I’m going to have a go at hand quilting this one… it seems fitting seeming as the quilt is hand-stitched. The dotted lines you can see are just my markings of where I will quilt, not sure if that’s cheating or not? I’m a bit of a  perfectionist though so this should save me some time in the long run.

Backing and binding

My backing fabric and binding fabric arrived on Friday but rather frustratingly the wadding failed to show, so my plan of doing some hand quilting over the weekend was not to be, its also why I marked the quilt lines with pen. How cute is the cherry binding! You can find it here and the backing fabric which is 108″ wide! is from here

My pick of the week

Finally my top picks from the past week, you can see here some of the photo-a-day prompts that I have done, and another sneak peak of the finished quilt top! (I’m @saysies if you want to follow me)

September already!?

OK so I know I start every month off with  I can’t believe its …. *insert month here* but I REALLY can’t believe it’s September. I feel like I must have slept through most of August, which is entirely possible given how unwell I have been, and now I wake up to see autumn is rolling in, it’s hibernation in reverse!

Anyway here is a few snapshots from August. You can see the rest in my Instagram feed. IMG_20140901_093333

Lots of baking in there inspired by The Great British Bake Off, have you been watching? What are your thoughts on the “Bincident”?

In the bottom right hand corner of the mosaic there is a little peek at the top I mentioned in my last post, the neckline is unfinished and I just used cheapy polycotton fabric but it was fun to make nonetheless. I doubt it will make an appearance in the outside world!

Speaking of instagram a new month means a whole new month of #fmsphotoaday!

2014-08-24 23.30.19

Simply take a photo of the prompt on that day and post it to instagram with the #fmsphotoaday. It’s lots of fun! :) Not on instagram? They have a facebook group too!

A little catch up

Hello there! I know it’s been a while but *whispers* I’ve still been unwell. Onwards and upwards I hope to be back on top of things soon!

Liberty Cross Stitch

I thought I would share with you my completed cross stitch from my last post. It took longer than I had planned, but it’s done now and I’m really pleased with it. It was a lovely little project to stitch and I am looking forward to trying more from the book.

I’ve also been working on my hexie quilt.

grandmother garden quilt

A little sneak peak for you. If you’ve been following my progress you’ll  know I thought I would be finished with this by now, but life and illness got in the way of that. Plus I needed a little break from it and that’s where the cross stitch came in! I’m glad to have had the break from it and I know have a renewed passion for it and a determination to see it finished.

I also actually attempted to make my first ever item of clothing a simple top, it’s not quite finished yet, but I really enjoyed making it and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be I just took each step at a time and ended up with something that resembles the picture on the packet! I will be sharing that project and my plans for more soon!



Liberty Cross Stitch Book a Sneak Peek and a Little Review..

I’m a huge lover of Liberty Fabrics, and cross stitch so when I saw that there was a Liberty Cross Stitch book I had to invest!

Liberty Cross Stitch

The book is full of beautiful patterns and projects.

Liberty Cross Stitch Review Liberty Cross Stitch  Review Liberty Cross Stitch Review Liberty Cross Stitch Liberty Cross Stitch

Even if your not a fan of Liberty but love a bit of pretty cross stitch this book is for you. So many times I buy a craft book and see only one or two things I would like to make, but in this there are plenty I want to stitch!

Liberty Cross StitchThis is the chart I chose to start with, you can see the completed project on the front cover, admittedly I will probably not make into a cushion, I’m waiting to see when I’ve finished it what I will make, but I think I will just be framing it. I chose to change the colours slightly as I wasn’t a fan of the dark blue. It’s been a while since I last did any cross stitch but I fell into this so easily.

Liberty Cross StitchThis is it so far, I’ve found it very enjoyable to stitch and it’s coming a long nicely. I’ll be sure to share a picture when it’s completed.

I do recommend photocopying the pattern, especially if your like me and like to mark off where you have stitched, it saves you having to mark the book. The only teeny tiny complaint I have is there is no arrows to help you mark the centre of the pattern,  but that’s only a minor niggle and not a biggie.

The book assumes you have some cross stitch knowledge and dives straight into the projects, so if you’ve not cross stitched before you may want to learn from other sources first.

All in all it’s a fab book with some super pretty stitches and project ideas. Floral cross stitch that is on bang on trend and not old fashioned. I would highly recommend!


Disclaimer: This is my own views and opinions, in no way have I been asked or paid to do this review, it’s just me wanting to share a book I purchased and really liked :)

Fun with sprinkles!


I’ve been feeling really inspired by sprinkles lately, the bright confetti of colours are sure to cheer anyone up, but why stop at a subtle scattering on top of a cupcake? Here are some fun examples of what more you can do with them!

confetti cake

It’s mainly when I came across the image above when I knew I had to blog about it, but truthfully whenever I see a picture of something with sprinkles it always puts a smile on my face.

sprinkles icecream

The next time I get an ice cream I’m going to ask the man for extra sprinkles! Image source: Sparkles and Pretending.

Fun with sprinkles: cake

How about a whole cake covered in colourful confetti! Image source: Waiting on Martha

sprinkle covered strawberriesFor a slightly healthier option about adding them to some strawbs? Image source: Gastro Girl


The next time I go to make cookies I’m going to bake a giant sized funfetti cookie like this one above and it’s proved to be very popular having been pinned to pinterest a whopping 294 thousand times! You can see the process of how it’s made at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

funfetticookiesAnd if you didn’t want a giant cookie, you could always make smaller ones like these. Image source: Averie Cooks

funfetti marshmallowsFinally to complete the sugar-filled high how about some funfetti marshmallow by Raspberri Cupcakes



(Title image credit Urban Outfitters, sadly the unicorn shaker is no longer in stock :( )


Hello August!

Hello August

I can’t believe August is here already! We are over half way through the year and my mind is already thinking of Christmas for the shop.

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, my iron levels dropped again and it leaves me feeling so poorly, but I had my B12 injection yesterday and am already starting to feel better, the sad thing is I’ve found out this will be for the rest of my life, relying on injections every 3 months, although I have been reassured that once the levels have stabilised it’s not so bad. So here’s hoping.

I thought I’d share with you my top instagram picks of July, you can see my entire newsfeed here or search for @saysies. It was a great month overall but a bit too hot for my liking!! I’ve added a lot more Kindle Cases to the shop, and am currently offering free postage to orders in the UK!

Happy Friday :)