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Fabric diet fail..

At the start of 2018 I made the resolution to go on a “Fabric diet”, it didn’t necessarily mean I couldn’t buy any fabric but I definitely had to rein in my spending and use up my over-growing stash. I wasn’t completely unrealistic I knew there would be certain fabrics I would need to help use up my stash mainly a white solid.

But like all good diets there are occasions when you fall off the wagon! Firstly was the Sloth fabric from Cloth and Candy I missed out on this last time and was so disappointed, so when I saw it was back in stock I had to break the diet and get a metre of it! I do have plans for this though, it’s going to become a large Makers Tote, you can see the smaller version I made here.

The other sweet fabrics were from Pretty Fabric and Trims and are by Lauren Nash for Penny Rose Fabrics. As soon as I saw Lauren post the picture of her new collection I knew there would have to be another break in the diet! I’ve decided to break this up into a few purchases though and this is part 1! Easier to sneak past the husband this way and will mean more happy mail days!

Of course there are many more fabrics I’m lusting after but I’m determined to be good! Have you seen the Ombre Metallic Confetti by Moda!? Pretty much anything by Cotton and Steel and Heather Ross are also on the wishlist too.

What fabrics are you dreaming of at the moment? What do you do to bust your stash?

I mean seriously how could I resist this sweet fabric!?


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Happily Ever After SAL – Robin Hood

It has just occurred to me as I await the arrival of June’s pattern for the Happily Ever After sew along that I never shared with you my completed blo​ck for May!​

Robin Hood! Such a cute little block. I can’t believe we are almost halfway through this already. If you’re undecided about starting a Frosted Pumpkin Sew Along I highly recommend it. Not only are they super cute they are a nice easy stitch that you can fit in with your other projects. I can’t actually believe that I’ve managed to keep up this time!

If you think back to 2 years ago and the Storytime Sampler, well I am still working on that one, and just yesterday finished block 6 – Peter Pan. The plan is to get them both finished by the end of the year have them framed and put in Mabel’s room but I will try not to put myself under too much pressure to do that. SO many projects and SO little time!!


Instagram Giveaway

On Monday my husband celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary. To help celebrate that I have a little giveaway on my Instagram page.

In the UK the theme for four years is fruit and flowers, so here are four little treats with a lovely floral theme.

If you fancy having go at bagging yourself these then hop on over to Instagram. Apologies to those readers who do not have Instagram, I will have a giveaway on the blog soon. A winner will be announced Friday 18th May at 8pm BST. Good luck!!

P.s How can it be four years already!??

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One photo every week for a year. 

When I set myself this challenge I had Mabel in my mind as my subject. I forgot however that getting a non fuzzy nicely posed photo of her is near on impossible these days! 

Except today, today I have a poorly poppet and it’s horrible. There is really nothing worse than seeing your baby unwell. I have a feeling it’s her teeth but I’m not certain, if only she could talk and tell me! I’m hoping for a better day tomorrow! 

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A weekly portrait 1/52-2/52

I’ve seen this before on other blogs and thought it was a lovely idea. I’m a week behind so please bear with me as I catch up


I love this photo, Mabel rarely naps on me these days, but this particular day she wouldn’t go to sleep in her pushchair like normal, instead she cuddled up to me and fell asleep. It was so nice! 


This picture was inspired by the tree of life photos I have seen on social media. Yesterday my breastfeeding journey came to an end and I wanted a picture to mark this huge milestone. It’s a real bittersweet moment as much as I felt ready to stop, to get my body back (I’ve either pregnant or breastfeeding for 2 whole years!), and to be able to eat dairy again, I feel heartbroken that it has ended and my little baby needs me no more. Having said that I am looking forward to the next part of our adventure.

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Happy New Year!

When I re-started this blog I promised myself I wouldn’t put pressure on blogging or apologise for the length of time between each post, but really, I am sorry it’s been so long since my last post! Life with a 15 month old has been pretty hectic there is barely any time to sit down and do anything, let alone make things to blog about!  I really admire mum’s who can juggle both blogging and a toddler I don’t how you do it! Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! It seemed to go too quickly and it seems surreal that we are already in 2017. I am clinging on to Christmas by still having my decorations up. I’m going to wait until 12th night (6th Jan) to take them down. I just love the coziness of the Christmas lights.

In my last post I shared with you my plans for making a Christmas cake. The weeks leading up to Christmas I fed it with a little brandy, but was still unsure how I wanted to decorate it. I had elaborate plans but had to be more realistic with time being an issue. I didn’t decide until the day I iced it if I was going to use royal icing or fondant. I like the rustic, snowy look of royal icing, I had bought some reindeer and trees and wanted to create a forest scene, but at the last minute I decided to use fondant. I was a little nervous as I know it can be quite unforgiving and show off every little lump and bump.



christmas-cake-square christmas-cake-2

I haven’t iced a cake with fondant since school so I was fairly pleased, I feel it could have been more perfect but I think it passed. Maybe not to Mary Berry’s standards though!?


A close up of the topper, it was really hard to pick up the sparkle on the Merry Christmas! It’s by Ginger Ray and can be bought on places like Amazon or EBay. So the cake is probably not what I had in mind, it’s certainly not a grand creation, but for a first year attempt and being a sleep deprived mum of a very clingy 15 month old I am pleased. I will definitely be making another for next Christmas. Unfortunately I couldn’t sample any, I’m on a dairy free diet as my daughter is intolerant and I’m still breastfeeding, but those who did sample it, phoned and asked for more so I must have got something right!


So what are your plans for this year? Anything exciting planned? I am hoping to get back in to the kitchen more, and definitely plan to sew more. I have a couple of makes that I did for Christmas that I would like to share with you and I hope to that soon.



I can’t believe it has been so long since my last blog post! For those who follow me on Instagram you will be fully aware as to where I have been, for those who don’t I will share with you now… I am now a mummy to the most beautiful 1 year old little girl!

My pregnancy was not the easiest and wiped me out pretty much from day 1. Think 24 hour sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum) for most of the pregnancy, crippling fatigue and then in the later stages back and pelvic pain that required the use of crutches and to complete the mix carpal tunnel syndrome. Basically it didn’t leave me much time for blogging or sewing or anything really! It was just a case of getting through the 9 months.

Before I got pregnant I had visions of sewing up beautiful creations for my baby and having a permanent glow, the reality was very different!! The birth was not an easy experience either ending in an emergency C-Section (a story for another time maybe)..

The past year has been a whirlwind blur of sleepless nights, feeding and changing nappies. We celebrated Mabel’s birthday on the 29th September and I feel ready now to engage again with the blogging world and crack on with some sewing projects!

Fear not lovely followers this blog will not become a mummy blog, this will be my space to be me, so expect posts just like before, sewing, baking, ramblings and inspiration, maybe the odd baby picture. I can’t promise daily posts, but I will update as much as I can.

For those still following me after all this time I thank you! WordPress told me when I logged in it is 4 years today since I started this blog! Very appropriate that my first post in so long is today! (Edit: My first post was actually 19th October)