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Fabric diet fail..

At the start of 2018 I made the resolution to go on a “Fabric diet”, it didn’t necessarily mean I couldn’t buy any fabric but I definitely had to rein in my spending and use up my over-growing stash. I wasn’t completely unrealistic I knew there would be certain fabrics I would need to help use up my stash mainly a white solid.

But like all good diets there are occasions when you fall off the wagon! Firstly was the Sloth fabric from Cloth and Candy I missed out on this last time and was so disappointed, so when I saw it was back in stock I had to break the diet and get a metre of it! I do have plans for this though, it’s going to become a large Makers Tote, you can see the smaller version I made here.

The other sweet fabrics were from Pretty Fabric and Trims and are by Lauren Nash for Penny Rose Fabrics. As soon as I saw Lauren post the picture of her new collection I knew there would have to be another break in the diet! I’ve decided to break this up into a few purchases though and this is part 1! Easier to sneak past the husband this way and will mean more happy mail days!

Of course there are many more fabrics I’m lusting after but I’m determined to be good! Have you seen the Ombre Metallic Confetti by Moda!? Pretty much anything by Cotton and Steel and Heather Ross are also on the wishlist too.

What fabrics are you dreaming of at the moment? What do you do to bust your stash?

I mean seriously how could I resist this sweet fabric!?



Into the Jungle SAL – March

How cute is this little tree frog from this month’s Into the Jungle block!?

Into the Jungle SAL- March

I really enjoyed stitching this one so much so I pretty much did it in one day. I couldn’t pull myself away, just saying to myself 5 more minutes!

It took me back to our honeymoon in Cuba, where one evening whilst having a romantic dinner under a gazebo the cutest little tree frog decided to join us. Now I can never normally describe a frog as cute but there is definitely something very cute about tree frogs. I think that must be why I enjoyed sewing this one so much as it brought back lots of lovely memories! ❤


Blooming Blossoms BOM (block of the month)

This year I’ve signed up to 2 Block of the Month (BOM) English Paper Piecing clubs. In this post I’m going to talk about the one from Sew and Quilt.

I first remember Jessie starting the club a couple of years ago and I ummed and arghed about it. Deciding in the end against it. In her kit you get all the paper pieces and Liberty fabric each month so by the end of the year you have a quilt top. The theme was based on Lucy Boston’s design Patchwork of the Crosses. I was so very, very tempted. I guess why I decided not to was the fact you don’t pick the fabric and I was worried about not liking the choices. I was also a very new mum and thought I was kidding myself that I would actually have time to do it. Although I did think at least with EPP it something you can easily pick up and put down.

Anyway another year rolled by and the option to sign up opened again. This time I almost did sign up but at the last minute decided against it. I guess I felt a little guilty about the cost each month. I did however have a bit of regret for not doing so, especially when I’d see pictures popping up on Instagram, or moments in between projects when I didn’t know what to do with myself. So come December 2017 when a new subscription opened up and this time with a quilt that Jessie had designed herself I decided no more regrets and went for it! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to receive the first box!

At the beginning of 2018 I decided one of my resolutions was to buy LESS fabric! haha! And to use up more of my stash (more on that in my next BOM post) So the fact that I had signed up to this club means I have to stick to my word. Of course I haven’t been completely angelic about it, but I am buying things with a purpose in mind rather than binge buying like I was doing before.

January (well lets be honest and February) is such a miserable and boring month, so imagine my surprise and excitement when this red box dropped through my letterbox!

Beautifully wrapped in tissue paper was the most beautiful kit I’d ever seen. I knew right then that I had made the right decision to sign up. My nerves about not picking the fabric had gone, because how great to have that done for you so you can just get on and sew! It also pushes me out of my comfort zone and gets me to use different colours and styles of fabric that I would not normally pick myself!

Sew and Quilt Blooming Blossoms Quilt

Sew and Quilt Blooming Blossoms Quilt

Sew and Quilt Blooming Blossoms Quilt

Wonders will never cease but I’ve actually managed to keep up and am eagerly awaiting the box for March! I haven’t done any joining yet, I thought I would wait until I had a few more, and that’s mainly so it’s easier to store away. I will of course keep you up to date with my progress, I have a feeling I am going to really enjoy this, and how wonderful to have a quilt made completely by hand from Liberty fabrics! You can never go wrong with Liberty after all!


Into the Jungle SAL – February

Following on from the super cute sloth of last month’s block are 3 bright and colourful Toucans who are apparently the national birds of Belize.

I’m not really a fan of green but I’m actually really liking stitching all the different leaves and trees. Just as well really considering it is jungle themed! 😆

I’m pleased to have again finished in time and hopefully I’ll keep up, but no doubt there will come a time when I fall behind. The great thing about these little blocks though is they do stitch up nice and quick so even if you do fall behind it doesn’t take too long to catch up again!

The clue for next month was it was something very tiny but big in cuteness, any ideas what it might be?


Pixelated Unicorn Quilt

Pixelated Unicorn Quilt

Way back in August I started making this unicorn quilt.  I saw the pattern in the magazine Love Patchwork and Quilting by Sarah Ashford  and as soon as I spotted it I knew I had to make it! One of the great things about having Mabel is I now have the perfect excuse to make all the cute things.

I had no trouble piecing the top and really enjoyed it and it actually didn’t take me that long to get done. The real problems was the quilting.

My machine is old and very basic, and although it has managed some quilting in the past it was not behaving for me this time. The tension was all off, the length of the stitches kept changing from teeny tiny to too long in one line, I spent a good few frustrating hours with my seam ripper and I feared it was destined to live in the cupboard and be a UFO (Unfinished Object).

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago where the opportunity to buy a second-hand but never used Elna 6600 Quilter’s Edition sewing machine came to be. Such lucky things never really happen for me so as you can imagine I was super excited! So excited in fact the next day I set it up grabbed my nemesis that was the unicorn quilt and set to work on getting it finished. In just one weekend it was done. I didn’t quite realise how old, noisy and clunky my old machine was until I got on the Elna, wow what a difference! Even my husband who professes to not knowing about sewing machines commented on how much quieter it was. How amazing to have the needle down function too, what a game changer! I feel sad for my old machine it saw me through 10 good years but it was definitely time to upgrade. I will keep hold of it and if Mabel would like to learn to sew in a few years then she can start on that.


Pixelated Unicorn Quilt

The binding had to be spotty of course and so was the back, I picked a perfect rainbow spotty fabric by Dashwood Studio. Sewing my binding is my absolute favourite part of making a quilt. I love how it makes you sit, relax and reflect a perfect finish to a project. Of course the added bonus of this time of year is it keeps you warm too!

As soon as Mabel saw it finished it she grabbed it and claimed it as hers, what more could make me happier!

Pixelated Unicorn Quilt

Spots galore but I think a perfect touch!

You can find the pattern in Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine Issue 49.

Pixelated Unicorn Quilt


Into the Jungle SAL

So January saw the start of a new SAL (sew-along) from the clever girls at The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I wasn’t going to join in with this one but couldn’t resist when I saw the sloth! As the next instalment is released tonight I thought I’d share block 1 with you. Of course they haven’t disappointed it’s so cute!

This is my 4th year of doing their SAL’s and have always enjoyed them. I’m hoping I can keep up with it this year, as I still have the Storytime Sampler unfinished!

 Into the Jungle SAL


Happily Ever After SAL Completed!

Hello there! I know it’s been a while! I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year! I must apologise for my lack of blogging of late, my little monkey Mabel decided that naps are no longer for her and is literally on the go from the minute she gets up till the moment she goes to bed. So unfortunately that doesn’t leave much time for anything, I have been busy sewing and creating when I can, but run out of time to blog about it!

If you follow me on Instagram then you will see up to the minute posts on what I’m up to, with a promise of no toddler spam at all!

Anyway you may remember I was taking part in The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery – Happily Ever After sew along and although I’ve not been blogging my progress I have been busy stitching in the background and I am pleased to announce that not only have I finished it but have framed it too!!

Happily Ever After SAL Completed

It is now in pride of place of Mabel’s room and I can’t wait for when she’s a bit older and I can read the stories too her!

Seeing as I missed sharing the last few blocks with you, I’d thought I’d share them with you now.

Happily Ever After SAL - Wind in the Willows

Wind in the Willows, these little animals are sooooo cute!!

Happily Ever After SAL - Alladian


Happily Ever After SAL - The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling

Happily Ever After SAL - The Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone

Happily Ever After SAL - Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

Happily Ever After SAL Completed

I am currently writing up a tutorial on how to frame your cross stitch project so watch this space!

I’ve signed up to the Pumpkins 2018 sal, I wasn’t going to but then saw that it was animal themed and includes a sloth! Well as soon as I saw that I had to sign up!