Pinnie Parade – Week 3

Pinnie Parade

Day 15 – I think this is my favourite pinnie so far! Such cute fabric, all I did was add a little embroidery embellishment and a little bit of zakka tape.

Day 16 – Onto a super simple one! This is a cheater print that I’ve just quilted. Simple but effective I think!

Day 17 – My followers will recognise the little needlebook here, you may also remember that it had a cast off attempt! Well when I discovered it again, I thought it would make a perfect little pinnie and so it didn’t go to waste after all!

Pinnie parade

Day 18 – Another simple one, I feel like maybe I should have added some little embroidery or something, but being short on time, it had to do. I think it still looks cute though!

Pinnie Parade

Day 19 – My first attempt at sewing illustration Inspired by @zeriano. Don’t look too closely!  I may invest in a free motion embroidery foot. Definitely going to try some more of this style of work it was lots of fun!

Pinnie Parade

Day 20 – A simple 9 patch made with beautiful Pam Kitty and Lecien fabrics, I love the combination of that blue with the white!

Pinnie Parade

Day 21 – Who doesn’t love Miffy! I’ve had this sweet fabric in my stash for ages and hardly used it! I think I may have to make something else too. Especially as little Mabel really took an interest in this pinnie!

So just over a week to go and I have a whole lot of pinnies! Set for life I reckon, I think there may have to be a giveaway soon!



Pinnie Parade – Week 2

My round-up of week 2 of the Pinnie Parade! So far I’m still managing to post a pinnie a day even while being away! I’m actually really enjoying this. It’s a great way to use up all those little scraps and revisit fabrics you forgot you had because they have been retired to the scrap box.

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 8- I think this one may be too cute to stick pins in though!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 9 –  A pinnie to represent being home again. We had a lovely time away with my family, and I’m missing them already, but it is good to be home again. The pattern for this is by Retro Mama.

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 10 – This one is entirely pieced by hand. The squares were put together using English Paper Piecing and I hand quilted it on the long journey home. It’s a little scruffier than I like, but I love the colour combo!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 11 – Buried in my scrap box was two little bits of embroidery I had completely forgotten about! Here is the first one, a little fairy that I probably had in mind for a Christmas decoration or something. In fact since posting it on Instagram someone had the great idea of turning it into a tooth fairy pillow for Mabel! I think that’s a lovely idea and will be doing that! I can’t remember where I got the embroidery pattern from, but more than likely it was Pinterest!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 12 – Another hexie flower! Because you can never have too many hexie pincushions!!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 13 – This is a teeny tiny 2 inch square! I completely improvised with this one, and that was quite fun to do. I didn’t plan for it to be quite so small but I kind of like that it is small, it’s perfect for my tiny applique pins!

Pinnie Parade - Week 2

Day 14 – Probably my favourite of the week. I had to make a big brother for the little duck! I’d not used of any of this fabric before, so it was nice to cut into it with a project in mind.


Pinnie Parade – Week 1

Over on Instagram we’re having a pin cushion sew-along. A pinnie a day for a month.

It has been lots of fun joining in but also seeing everybody else’s creations.

I thought I’d share with you my pincushions from the first 7 days.

Day 1 – This is actually one from a couple of years ago. Some of you may even recognise it. Made with beautiful Tilda fabrics.

Day 2 – This is a super teeny one made from little Moda scraps. The plan is to make most of these using scraps from my ever growing scrap box.

Day 3 – I love this sweet November books fabric I’ll be so sad once it’s all used up, but at least I’ll have some cute things to look at!

Day 4 – Another one made entirely from my scrappy collection. I think it reminds me of the American flag a little.

Day 5 – This is the one I use everyday and the one I love most.

Day 6 – Not technically designed in my mind as a pincushion but it certainly makes a super sweet one! We’re away at the moment so I am having to dig from the archives for some of these. You remember my blog post about this one!

Day 7 –  This one is in my disaster pile,certainly not one I’m proud of. It turned out a very funny shape! But I think the cute hedgehogs make up for it!

That’s it! I hope I can carry on for the whole month. It’s certainly a fun challenge. Follow me on Instagram  @what_saysie_makes to see my daily updates.


Maker’s Tote

Following on from June’s sew along (SAL) The Sew Together Bag  was an even more fabulous SAL the Maker’s Tote by Noodlehead. A perfect bag to hold a ton of crafty and sewing bits and pieces. As soon as I saw the pattern I knew I had to join in.

It took me ages to decide on which fabric I wanted to use, I was determined that I wouldn’t buy more fabric and had to raid my stash. I knew it had to be cute fabrics rather than my florals.

Makers tote fabric pull

Do I go with the pigs, the hippos or the dogs?? In the end combined with the red polka dots the piggies won it for me!

I really enjoyed this pattern. I must admit I was a little intimidated at first, but working through it step by step I realised it actually wasn’t that bad or that hard.

makers tote wip

I had been putting off cutting this out for so long, favouring smaller quicker projects and now I can’t wake to make another! The tote comes in two sizes and I went with the smaller size, but am wishing I had made the bigger one now and have added it to my ‘to make asap’ list! Although even though it is the ‘smaller’ tote, it has the capacity to fit so much in there.

Maker's tote

Makers Tote

Makers Tote Makers Tote

Makers Tote Makers Tote

I am happy with the end result, it’s by no means perfect and I know of a few flaws with it, but I did it and that feels really good!

I must apologise for the pictures like my quilt, bag making photo taking skills need much improvement, although I must admit some of it was to do with my excitement of finishing and sharing it with you.

If you are debating about whether to do this pattern or not or are worried it is too hard, my advice would be go for it!! Take each stage slowly, read each instruction and if in doubt ask questions.

So many times I’ve put off doing things because I’ve been worried that something is too hard or something I can’t do and I’ve decided to (try) and stop thinking like that and going for it. It’s how we learn. I’m beginning to believe the saying you can do anything you set your mind too, and I’m not just talking about this bag now. If you write something off straight away you won’t achieve it, but if you think to yourself I’m going to give this a try you’ve already taken the first step of reaching your goal, and even if you can’t get it right the first time at least you will have learnt a few things in the process!


Now I feel I will need to bookmark this post myself in my (MANY) times of doubt but for now I’m going to stay positive that I can achieve my goals and go for it! Next on the list a Unicorn quilt and a blouse for Mabel! I can’t wait to share them with you.



Rose Pincushion Cuff

Rose Pincushion Cuff

I’ve been admiring these pincushions by Michelle Patterns ever since I saw them popping up on my Instagram feed. So pretty but they looked so fiddly and difficult to make. I immediately wrote them off as a make I couldn’t do.

But then recently I decided to go for it, I mean how do we learn if we don’t take ourselves outside of a comfort zone and try something more challenging?? That and I was just so in love with them I wanted one for myself!

I saw this beautiful Windham fabric peeking out of my stash and I knew instantly that was the fabric I wanted to use.

Wiindham fabric

I didn’t take much longer to decide on my other 2 fabrics either! This particular fat quarter has been in my stash for a quite a few years and I’ve never had the right project that has made me want to cut into it. So I may have held my breath when I did make that first cut and a little wish that it will turn out ok! I would hate to waste such pretty fabric!

Rose pincushion cuff

Thanks to a rainy Saturday afternoon, with hubbie watching Mabel I was able to whip this up in one go. I have to say despite being a little fiddly making sure all the seams were stitched it was a very enjoyable little project. In my eyes it’s not perfect but I am happy that I’ve done it and can’t wait to have another go at making one.

Rose Pincushion Cuff


Quilt Petite – A little quilt for Mabel

Quilt petite - A little quilt for Mabel

When I found out I was pregnant I had visions of spending my pregnancy making things for the baby, I won’t bore you again with why that never happened, I’ve mentioned it a couple of times on previous blog posts if you’d like to know why. Anyway my point being its taken me till now and Mabel reaching 21 months for me to make her a quilt! Bad sewing mum!!

One of the reasons why was because I hadn’t settled on a design I liked, I find it hard cutting into pretty fabric at the best of times let alone when I have no set idea of a pattern. It was only when I was looking through the book Quilt Petite by Sedef Imer that I came across the perfect pattern. A combination of crisp white fabric and pretty 1930’s fabrics in a beautiful pastel rainbow of colours. I immediately knew that this was the quilt I wanted to make for Mabel.

Quilt petite - A little quilt for Mabel Quilt petite - A little quilt for Mabel

I had such fun going through all my fabrics and picking which ones I would use. I am an avid collector of 1930’s repro fabrics so had a nice little (largish) stash to  look through. The pattern is actually for a mini quilt and at first I did under-estimate how many squares I would need. This took me back to the cutting board and cutting more out. It is still on the small side and won’t last her for long but it’ll certainly do as a little lap quilt for a while. In hindsight maybe I should have cut my squares bigger!

Quilt petite - A little quilt for Mabel

Mabel took a real interest in what I was doing, even ‘helping’ me organise the blocks into rows. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the embroidery detail on her shirt! This girl is so much better dressed than I am! So many of her clothes I wish they did in my size!

Anyway back to the quilt! Once all pieced the next part came the basting and quilting, perhaps my least favourite part of making a quilt. No matter how careful I am I always end up with a little ruching on the back.

Quilt petite - A little quilt for Mabel

I decided to hand quilt this. I realised as I set out that it would mean I would have to wait quite a bit longer to see the finished article but it was so worth it. The best thing about hand quilting is it gives me time to think about what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for, I thought about my beautiful little girl as I stitched each stitch and hoped that it would mean so much to her when she’s older maybe even take it to uni with her!? Although secretly I hope she stays local!!

As I predicted this took a long time, throw in a holiday and a heatwave where the last thing I wanted to do was be sat under a quilt there was at least a couple of weeks where this sat sadly on the side. It then had to wait whilst I busied myself with other projects. However it was so easy to pick back up again and once I did I was on a roll!

The last step, sewing on the binding is my favourite! I love this process, I stitch front and back on by hand and it’s such a lovely way to finish a project. I picked a pretty binding from my local fabric shop and I think it completes the quilt perfectly!

Quilt petite - A little quilt for MabelQuilt petite - A little quilt for MabelQuilt petite - A little quilt for MabelQuilt petite - A little quilt for MabelQuilt petite - A little quilt for Mabel

Please excuse the pictures, I find it so hard to take good pictures of a quilt! I was going to wait to give it to her for her 2nd birthday, but I figured she’s been watching me sew it that it seems pointless wrapping it up, and plus after all she’s a toddler! She’s going to be way more interested in her new toys than a quilt her mummy made!


Flower Power Pillow

Despite being able to sew I’ve been pretty rubbish at furnishing our home, and have made do with buying all our cushions and curtains. I’ve always begrudged doing this but time and feeling a little short on inspiration I’ve made do with buying.

So I was flicking through the new issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine the other day. I don’t normally get much time to read magazines but as I follow them on Instagram I had a feeling this issue (Issue 49) was worth getting. I wasn’t wrong, there are at least 3 projects I want to try, something that normally never happens. Usually I’ll look through a magazine and think nice projects but there hasn’t been any times where I’ve been compelled to make something straight away from it!

Flower Power Cushion

I love this design! It reminds me of Orla Kiely! The pattern was originally in bright bold colours and had 3 flowers. I decided to go with a subtle grey, white and pink to go with the colours in our lounge and made it as a cushion with just the two flowers.

I actually really enjoyed making this, like putting together a puzzle with all the different shapes. I think I will make another for the other side of the sofa!

Flower Power Cushion

I think in the days before Mabel this would have only taken a day or two to make! This however took almost a week!

Flower Power Cushion

It’s the second time I used my walking foot and what a difference it makes!! I decided to use a pink thread to quilt as supposed to white, I think it adds a nice touch. Although I’m wondering if I should have quilted 1 inch apart from 2 inch?

Flower Power Cushion

Overall I think I am happy, and it’s nice to have finished something and have it display in the home. If you fancy making this yourself issue 49 I believe is still for sale. The pattern is by Lindsey Neil – @penandpaperpatterns

Flower Power Cushion